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VOC Video Entry Task

Screen recording / one-shot video
• Production: Recording video in one-shot – without any video editing.
• Possible mathematics content: This can include anything that takes place in a mathematics classroom or even the documentation: It could be short excerpts of a mathematics situation; It will show one short idea / expression; …

The entry task offers a low barrier to entry so that motivation and confidence is raised to try video education. If you have no experience then it is vital to start with very basic exercises. Entry tasks require very little technology understanding.

They can include still and moving images.

A very first introduction could be:
• The production of still images which show where shapes or numerals are featuring in the school or in the immediate neighbourhood – for example numerals on signs or numbered objects.
• Or on a higher level it could include a one-shot video of a mathematical expression with students acting out or pointing at graphics or objects.
Entry tasks don’t include video editing. The recorded material is used as it is.

Step 1 : Preparation by the teacher