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VOC Step 8: Using the Wiki

How to use the vidumath Wiki
The purpose of the vidumath wiki is to provide a space for schools and teachers to add their classroom productions created for the project. You need to register and be approved before adding your content.

Each participating school has its own wiki page were the teachers can add:

  • Some brief information about their school
  • Videos they have produced (embedded)
  • A description of the mathematics involved in your video

Every school page also has a discussion forum, so other schools and students can post comments about their productions.

If you do not know how to embed a video on this site please watch the How-to videos below. There is also a video showing how to use the discussion forums.

Registering and signing in to the wiki

For less experienced teachers, this short guide shows you how to register and sign in (log on) to this wiki.

Navigating the wiki

A quick video showing how to navigate around the wiki:

How to upload a video to YouTube:

Embedding a video on the Wiki
To embed a video on a school page please watch this video. Please note: your video should already have been uploaded on to YouTube or any other supported video website.

Once your video is on the wiki (we have created a page for you here), please complete the post course questionnaire here.