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VOC Step 4: Filming your video

This is the most enjoyable part of the project. You now film your video or take pictures, using your storyboard and the prepared set. Please ensure to read the technical section of this course, if you are not experienced in making videos, here.

In a student project:

Take pictures, film your video. Teacher scaffolds. Students check video and film again, if necessary.

The children work autonomously on their videos. The teacher scaffolds if needed and helps the students. Experience has shown that unexpected obstacles may occur. Not all students will follow their storyboard precisely, and some good-looking storyboards turn out to be difficult to implement.

Purpose of this step isn’t only to enhance students’ motivation and enjoyment. Students have to transfer their mathematical ideas and concepts from the storyboard to reality. That deepens their understanding of the mathematical relationships. Especially, when obstacles occur, the cognitive conflict will lead to insight.

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