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VOC Step 6: Reflection

This step is for a student project and left in for your information.

For a student project:

Students watch the final videos in classroom. Students appreciate each other’s videos. Students reflect on their experiences and learning.

It is a very important stage for the students to have their videos shown to the class. This can be taken further by sending the links of the uploaded videos to the parents, or adding the link to the school website. This strengthens the students’ self-esteem and contributes to the sustainability and effectiveness of the project.

Each group presents their video. The students act as teachers for the rest of the class. Please ensure that every video will be appreciated and complimented on by the class. The first time a video is shown no negative comments should be allowed. Afterwards, suggestions for improvement can be made, but the following rule should be observed: You have to say at least two positive comments before you can express one criticism.

It is a beneficial part of the mathematics learning process to reflect on the videos. How do my classmates understand the video? Was that what I had intended? Why do they interpret things differently? Reflecting on different perspectives, different visualisations, different ways of solving a problem and different solutions to one and the same problem deepens the understanding and often leads to new insights.

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